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Biggest Challenges

At Alkegen, we take on the biggest challenges facing our world every day. And we have the global footprint, manufacturing capabilities, and talented people to deliver solutions. Now, those solutions are helping us breathe easier, live greener and go further than ever before.

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Solving Challenges in Your Industry


Filtration and Catalysis 

At the core of our business is the ability to deliver world-class specialty filtration and catalysis products, including revolutionary fiber-based technologies for air, liquid, and industrial applications that reflect market needs and follow trends to serve our customers at the highest level.



Alkegen battery innovation includes developing advanced materials for thermal barriers and electrical protection, battery separator technology, and revolutionary silicon fiber anode material that enables greater energy density, faster charges, and longer battery life in electric vehicles and consumer electronics.



Alkegen continues our proven history of delivering high-temperature thermal management products and engineered thermal components for demanding industrial applications to customers worldwide. 


Construction and Advanced Materials

Alkegen offers a wide range of fire protection products for industrial construction applications requiring lightweight, thin materials to prevent flame penetration and achieve significant temperature drops. Geosynthetic solutions serve a range of applications from construction to repair of roads and transport.


Transportation and Off-Road Equipment

From electric vehicles and aerospace to off-road industrial equipment and ship building, Alkegen creates specialty materials and products for a variety of applications in the transportation industry.

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Solutions we Deliver

Our product portfolio is made up of battery technology that helps vehicles go further and devices last longer, filtration devices that let factories produce more while protecting the environment, and thousands of other solutions to the challenges we all face.

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Ready to Take Your Future Further?
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We have a long-term vision for the planet and your future. If you’re interested in a career that takes you further, rewards your contributions and gives you a chance to make things that make a real difference, we’d like to hear from you.

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A Global Footprint to Deliver Global Solutions

Alkegen has over 60 manufacturing facilities and 9,000-plus employees worldwide.

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We brought together two leading companies to take on some of the world's biggest challenges.