Impossible filtration made possible.

TriboStatiX is bringing high efficiency and low pressure drop to the filtration industry.

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Electrostatic media made for better indoor air quality.

TriboStatiX is a needle-punched, synthetic fiber media that is electrostatically charged to provide high filtration capability and dust-holding capacity at minimal airflow resistance. Its consistent filtration performance delivers high efficiency while maintaining low pressure drop, meaning a longer service life and reduced energy costs. From MERV 13 to NIOSH, TriboStatiX is available in a range of efficiencies, making it the best choice for your specific filtration applications.


  • Higher efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • High dust-loading capacity
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Long shelf life

Best-in-class charge retention with an ultra-low pressure drop.

TriboStatiX provides a consistent, long-lasting electrostatic charge that maximizes surface efficiency and results in more-effective particle filtration.

High dust-holding capacity.

TriboStatiX offers better dust-holding capacity and lower resistance to airflow, meaning a better service life and more-thorough particle filtration that improves indoor air quality.

Fully synthetic construction.

Available for use in pleated, die-cut, folded, or flat sheet applications, TriboStatiX has a versatile structure and can be glued, stitched, or ultrasonically welded.

A customized solution.

Not only is TriboStatiX available in a wide variety of densities, but our product team is also able to provide you with the best performance-to-weight ratio for your specific industry.

Charges are generated through the thickness of the felt.


TriboStatiX results in better indoor air quality and energy cost reduction across a variety of industries.


Medical devices

Life sciences

Blood filtration

Respiratory protection

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

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