Insulation made ultra-convenient, ultra-fast, and ultra-efficient.

Thermfrax Ultra 30G is an innovative spray-on board technology that can be used instead of insulating board and installed easily using conventional gunite equipment.

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Bring versatile insulation media to your industry.

Introducing Thermfrax Ultra 30G, a lightweight, non-RCF fiber-based refractory that will bring ultimate protection and easy installation to a variety of applications. Thermfrax Ultra 30G is a combination of low bio-persistent fiber and a high-temperature binder solution. It features low thermal conductivity and resistance to temperature extremes, making it the ideal choice for industries with high-temperature conditions.

Can be applied as lightweight thin or full thickness insulation layers.


  • Fast installation
  • Low heat storage
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Alkali hydrolysis resistant

Easy installation and sets in as little as one hour.

Thermfrax Ultra 30G can be installed using the conventional gunite equipment you already own. It can be applied around a variety of refractory anchor systems and air sets in as little as one hour.

Lightweight with full-thickness lining.

Thermfrax Ultra 30G has a density less than 30 PCF, meaning it can be used as a full-thickness lining system or a lightweight backup insulation.


Thermfrax Ultra 30G can replace insulating board in most high-temperature applications.

  • Furnace insulating liner
  • Aluminum melting and holding furnaces
  • Incinerator furnaces
  • Process heaters
  • Vessel linings
  • Flues, ducts, and stacks
  • Low-mass kiln car decks
  • Backup for high-density refractories
  • Ladle insulation

What our customers are saying.

“The material was very versatile and allowed for a quicker turnaround of the furnace. It was easy to install, included very little rebound, and cured in a short time. I am very pleased with the benefits of this material.”

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Thermfrax Ultra 30G is the latest addition to the Thermbond® product portfolio, a full range of refractory solutions that have been trusted by industry professionals for more than 25 years. For more on Thermbond® visit:

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