An enhanced industrial catalysis.

FlexCat is an innovative and customizable fiber mat solution from Alkegen used throughout industrial catalysis operations. It’s designed to work across the industrial market to provide enhanced catalyst effectiveness with increased yield for any type of catalytic reaction ­– including hydrogen production, industrial emission control, and traditional chemical feedstock applications.

FlexCat’s lightweight fiber mat structure sets the industry up to handle long-term evolution, allowing for smaller reactors and lower investment costs – ultimately making for a greener, cleaner, safer solution with less waste and improved employee safety. FlexCat is designed to boost effectiveness, reduce catalyst load, and lower operational costs while increasing employee safety across a number of applications.


Learn more about FlexCat – the innovative, flexible mat-based catalyst support media in this short video.

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Fiber-based technology that delivers.

Catalyst media has remained unchanged for 40 years. But all that’s about to change: better industrial catalysis is here using our innovative, flexible mat-based catalyst support media. FlexCat has increased yield compared to traditional media, with 50% fewer side products and 50% faster regeneration. Our custom, modular product forms have up to 10X less weight than traditional media and are stable up to 1000°C.

Super Duper

Industrial emissions controlled.

Existing systems won’t meet stricter regulations. FlexCat provides the flexibility to enhance existing systems for better conversion and performance or new, smaller, and more effective units to meet increased standards worldwide.

Advanced hydrogen production.

FlexCat supports the growth of hydrogen production through better selectivity and increased yield using significantly reduced catalyst loads and space footprint, from large-scale production operations to fuel cells and consumer applications.

Improved catalysis technology for petrochemical and refining.

FlexCat’s increased performance allows for 20% increased yield from existing equipment, allowing operations to scale without costly capital expenditures. Enhanced selectivity and reduced coke production provide operators reduced downtime, fewer shutdowns, and safer turnovers for employees.

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