Superior protection of high value catalysts is possible with FlexCat Defend.

Utilizing cutting-edge FlexCat technology, FlexCat Defend delivers customizable solutions for guard beds and bed grading with maximum capture and durability.

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Fiber technology delivering maximum capture and durability.

The FlexCat Defend line utilizes a group of disc-shaped product forms that use full capacity of disc, including greater surface area, to purify streams and enhance catalyst activity.

FlexCat Defend Disc Product Image

The innovative catalyst solution made to improve yield.

Reduce your operating costs.

When you choose FlexCat Defend, you’ll enjoy lower operating costs due to the longer lifetime of the product line, and more time between turnarounds, which extends product runs and reduces waste.

A winning combination of void fraction and crush strength.

FlexCat Defend uses proprietary fiber technology to deliver up to 90% void fraction in an individual product form, providing a greater holding capacity when loaded into a reactor. We also offer crush strength options ranging from 100 to 300 pounds.

A customizable drop in solution.

With multiple shape and hole options to meet pressure drop, FlexCat Defend reduces the amount of bed grading necessary to allow for more active catalyst and greater yield.

Protection for your industry’s high value catalysts.

FlexCat Defend’s suite of disc products is designed with the protection and improved yield of your oil and gas applications including:


  • Refining
  • Petrochemical

It’s time to protect your operations from costly inefficiencies with FlexCat Defend.


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