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battery group

Supercharge Your Battery Performance

Designed to optimize battery life, safety, and energy density, your company can go further, faster with Alkegen’s Battery Group’s technology. The sky’s no longer the limit, it’s only the next stop.


You can change your products for the better with enhanced battery safety features, higher performance, faster charges, and longer life. With Alkegen technology, you can:

Choose from a selection of high-temperature, thin, and lightweight products that enhance battery function, separation, and thermal protection.

Get consistent, higher power output with advanced Silicon Anode Technology.

Optimize cell performance and safety with our transformative FyreWrap solutions.

Find large-scale supply with our automotive specific sites accredited to IATF 16494 standards, and all facilities ISO certified.

Discover how your company can do batteries better.

Solutions by Industry

Every Industry Needs a Dependable Power Source


Whether gas or electric, drivers need a reliable car battery to get them, their family, and friends to work, school, or that dinner date on time. Alkegen’s advanced technology integrated with your battery can get them there without a hitch.

Energy Storage Systems

When you’re defined by the amount of power and energy you’re able to store, you need a trustworthy configuration. Use our cutting-edge battery solutions to elevate capacities.


Lightweight, energy-dense, and easily rechargeable — all things our technology supports and provides. Alkegen can help you keep the lights on no matter where you are in the solar system.

Battery OEMs

Not all batteries are created equal, which means OEM dealers who use our innovations will earn more respect and business as buyers discover how long-lasting and efficient they are.


Get Insulated Protection on All Sides with In-Pack Solutions

Find security in our stable and advanced battery solutions that provide mechanical, electrical, and thermal protection for maximal operation.


Harness the Power to Transform with In-Cell Solutions

Eliminate supply chain concerns with proven industrial-scale processes, higher power output, and faster charging for bigger business potential.

Learn more about the right battery technology for your needs.


What Can Our Revolutionary Technologies Do?

Thermal Event Prevention:

  • Prevent thermal runaway propagation with lightweight, high-temperature flame barriers made of FyreWrap(R) LiB Papers, Boards, Blankets and Felts, Films, and Coatings by Alkegen.
  • Get optimized battery life using thermal and electrical barriers with tunable compression characteristics in our Cell Spacers.
  • Engineered to prevent fire and thermal events, our Nonwovens are made of fire-resistant synthetic fibers that enable cell venting and heat transfer management.

Low-thermal conductivity with aerogel insulation:

Shield piping from corrosion under insulation (CUI) or get industry-leading cryogenic insulation and thermal conductivity with our low-cost superinsulation, AlkeGel. It’s made from ultra-lightweight materials that improve efficiency and product handleability with minimal dust.

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High-Density; Stability

From consumer electronics to EVs, power grids, aerospace and beyond, this industrial-scale, drop-in solution, SiFAB, contains revolutionary SI Fiber Anodes, and can power any industry into the future.

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Enhance Battery Capability

Extend battery life and rechargeability with our fiber-based, thermally-stable battery separator that promotes rapid ion exchange, Inovion.

Alkegen Battery Group

Transforming Industries From Ideation to Production

Streamline the Development Stage

Enable breakthrough solutions at an industrial scale from the beginning. The Alkegen Battery Group has you covered with proprietary know-how in materials science and process engineering.

Create the Perfect Fit for Customers

Ensure form, fit, and function of products are optimized for customers with our global design team’s 3D modeling collaboration software.

Test New Parts and Products

Validate thermal, mechanical, environmental, compression, and electrochemical parts and products during development and beyond with help from our team.

Prove Product Functionality

Once your products are designed, the Alkegen Battery Group engineering teams will prototype them to validate functionality.

Serial Production Made Easy

Get regional support and scale-up solutions with Alkegen’s IATF-certified sites and engineering teams in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Power your future with our revolutionary Alkegen Battery Technologies