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Making Materials for a Brighter Future

Sustainability Report

Alkegen is fiercely committed to creating products that help our customers reduce fossil fuel use, save energy, and create transformative battery technology. Across our global operations, we work to create materials that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

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Below are a few of the ways we’re helping drive sustainability.

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Battery technology to power our lives

We’ve made breakthroughs in silicon anode technology that allow batteries to significantly extend the range of electric cars, extend use time of personal electronics, and supercharge the capabilities of electric grid storage.

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Filtration solutions for cleaner air

Our revolutionary fiber-based technologies improve industrial emission control, allowing factories across multiple industries to reduce their carbon footprints, meet stricter EPA standards, and enhance their ESG strategies.

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Thermal management innovation for efficiency

We develop insulation, mats, and more that allow high-temperature applications to reduce energy consumption, which saves money in manufacturing operations and keeps people, equipment, and facilities safe.

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Our Mission

We are committed to creating innovations that help the world breathe easier, live greener, and go further than ever before.


Become the world’s most sought-after specialty materials manufacturer dedicated to sustainability and human health.