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Purefrax®Purefrax CC®

Purefrax® – Hot Gas Filters by Alkegen

Reduced emissions so we can all breathe easier

Purefrax®Purefrax CC®

Hot Gas Filtration With Proven Performance Across Your Industrial Applications

Purefrax® filter elements are vacuum formed using Alkegen’s own refractory ceramic fibers, and are manufactured from Alkaline Earth Silicate (low bio-persistent/AES) or Alumino Silicate wool (ASW). ​

Our unique binding system provides low levels of organic binder, enabling Purefrax® filters to retain strength and integrity when exposed to heat. ​

With our trusted manufacturing process, we ensure dimensional accuracy and a denser outer surface, promoting cake filtration and uniform dust deposition in addition to extra strengthening of the flange and candle base areas.

Superior Industrial Filtration​

  • Reduction of particulate emissions by almost 100%​
  • Operating temperatures allow for heat recovery ​
  • Non-flammable and suitable for corrosive atmospheres​
  • Successful utilization with sorbent systems​
  • High porosity and air permeability

Purefrax® CC – Catalyzed Hot Gas Filters by Alkegen

Introducing Our Catalyzed Hot Gas Filters, a Combination of Alkegen’s Long Established Hot Gas Filter Expertise With Expert Catalysis Knowledge​

In addition to providing high efficiency particulate filtration, Purefrax® CC filter elements incorporate a custom-designed catalytic formulation for NOx reduction. ​

Uniting particulate capture with toxic gas removal creates a single-step process with reduced required space, all while lowering your capital and operating costs.

Purefrax® CC Benefits​​

  • Increased gas-catalyst contact versus traditional Selective Catalytic Reduction systems due to catalyst coated fiber matrix​
  • Physical barrier against catalyst poisons resulting from external wall cake filtration​
  • High efficiency across the catalyst working temperature range

Industrial Filtration Has Never Been More Efficient

Purefrax and Purefrax CC

Trusted Partner for Many Applications Since 1996

With our thorough understanding of customer needs and expectations, we provide solutions that are suited to a range of industries.​


  • Glass industry​
  • Cement industry​
  • Coking processes​
  • Waste incineration plants​
  • Chemical manufacture​
  • Power stations​
  • Gasification of biomass​
  • Catalyst/Precious metals recovery


Purefrax® elements are available in 1m to 4m single piece lengths and are supplied with gaskets to ensure good sealing. Contact us to learn more.

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