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A Product Portfolio Built on Service and Innovation

Product Service

With an expanded manufacturing footprint of over 60 locations, we’re bringing together a fresh slate of exciting technologies and opening doors to new opportunities. Most importantly, Alkegen is now a global family of 9,000-plus employees working together to create the world’s most innovative specialty materials platform dedicated to sustainability and human health while serving the industries tackling some of the most critical problems we face today.

More Power

Two Providers More Powerful as One

More Power

Two Providers More Powerful as One

More Power

Two Providers More Powerful as One

More Power

Two Providers More Powerful as One

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Our portfolio of products has expanded, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of serving our customers thoughtfully and quickly, with speed and agility. We’re committed to solving our customers’ most demanding business challenges.


Have a question? Reach out to info@alkegen.com for more information.

Access to Alkegen Products

A comprehensive customer experience site is currently being developed. Until then, please use the legacy site links below for product information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on Unifrax and Lydall products?

For now, you can find it right where you always have—on our Unifrax and Lydall websites.

Whom do I contact with questions about Alkegen? 

Call or email your current sales contact for the answers you need.

How do I place a new order?

Reach out to your current sales contact or customer service representative.

Can I purchase both Lydall and/or Unifrax products from my existing sales contact?

A combined portfolio of products and access to 60-plus manufacturing sites is one of the benefits of bringing Unifrax and Lydall together. You should contact your current sales or customer service representative to learn more about all the products Alkegen offers. Your sales contact will continue to assist you with your interests. You will need to continue to submit separate Purchase Orders for products for the respective legal entities just as you do today, e.g. separate P.O.s for Rex Materials, Stellar Materials, Gutsche, Lydall, etc.

Will my sales contact change?

We anticipate there will be some changes in our sales teams and organizations. If any changes occur, we will notify you immediately and coordinate an efficient transition.

Are you changing the names of products like Fiberfrax®, FyreWrap®, or LyTherm®?

We have no plans to change the names of our product portfolios at this time, other than to associate them with the new Alkegen company name and brand.

Do I, as a customer, need to do anything?

For the new name and brand, we do not require any immediate action from you. We know it will take some time to get used to calling us by our new name. Please watch for our new name in email, communications, and at upcoming events and exhibitions.

Does this change affect our legal agreements (contracts, NDAs, invoices or other customer facing documents)?

From a legal perspective, Alkegen is a company name and brand, not a legal entity. In fact, we have not changed any of our legal names; therefore, our contracts will not require changes. All our agreements will continue without interruption. If changes occur in the future, we will communicate well in advance and take precautions to minimize any disruption.

Will my quotations, invoices, acknowledgements and other business forms change from the companies I buy from today?

We will begin to use the Alkegen company name and logo on business forms in the near term. We will continue to reference the contracting legal entity on all such forms so that there will be no disruption in your systems, e.g. Unifrax GmbH, an Alkegen Company.

Will Alkegen business addresses and banking information stay the same?

For the near future, banking information will remain the same.

What do distributors need to do to support this change?

Distributors of both Unifrax and Lydall should discontinue their use of the former company names, remove any former logos from your websites or marketing materials, and begin using the new Alkegen Distributor logo on your websites and marketing materials. Third party use of the Alkegen Distributor logo and branding guidelines are available by contacting the Alkegen Global Marketing Communication Department or emailing dmyers@unifrax.com. For distributors with existing product inventory, we would recommend you draw down your existing inventory and continue to sell with current packaging. We (Alkegen) will transition to new product packaging within the upcoming year.

I have more questions. Who can answer them?

Your inquiries can be submitted in several ways:
Talk to your sales contact.
Reach out to your Customer Service contact.
Submit a question through our email: info@alkegen.com