Growth Comes from Pushing Ourselves Further

Materializing Cleaner

There are countless proven ways to create specialized materials that do things like keep facilities cooler, lengthen battery life, or prevent fire damage. At Alkegen, we don’t settle for business-as-usual; our business is built on relentless innovation.

Manufacturers, scientists, and design engineers come to us for specialty materials that benefit the health of their bottom line and our environment. We are committed to discovering and creating products that have a significant impact on the markets we serve, our customers, and our communities to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

More Than a Provider, A Partner

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At Alkegen, our belief in service extends to every point of contact as transactions transform into relationships. We’re more than just a supplier of specialty materials to buy from; we’re a partner offering an integrated platform of solutions featuring unmatched service and product innovation of the highest, most uncompromising quality. It’s a commitment to supporting our customers.

A message from the president and CEO, John Dandolph

A Timeline of Unifrax and Lydall

Two dynamic elements combine to create something exponentially greater.


    Unifrax acquires Lydall to form Alkegen.

  • 2021UNIFRAX

    Unifrax introduces revolutionary new step-change technologies including SiFAB™ silicon fiber anode battery material; FlexCat™ and Eco-lytic™ Catalysis media.

  • 2019UNIFRAX

    Unifrax acquires Dongxiang Glass Product Co. in China and introduces new LiB battery separator media.

  • 2019UNIFRAX

    Unifrax purchases Stellar Materials and Thermbond Products.

  • 2018UNIFRAX

    Unifrax builds a new, state‑of‑the‑art facility to manufacture emission control products in Tonawanda, New York.

  • 2017UNIFRAX

    Unifrax introduces the first 1400-grade classified LBP thermal insulation.

  • 2016LYDALL

    Lydall acquires Texel and Gutsche, both manufacturers of nonwovens materials

  • 2015UNIFRAX

    Unifrax acquires stake in Shandong Luyang Share Co. Ltd.

  • 2014LYDALL

    Lydall acquires the industrial air filtration business from Andrew Industries Limited.

  • 2013UNIFRAX

    Unifrax acquires Lauscha Fiber International.

  • 2006UNIFRAX

    FyreWrap fire protection products are launched worldwide.

  • 2000UNIFRAX

    Unifrax shifts its focus to emission control products for the automotive industry.

  • 1998UNIFRAX

    Isofrax fiber is introduced to meet EU regulatory requirements.

  • 1996UNIFRAX

    Carborundum Fibers Division becomes Unifrax.

  • 1993UNIFRAX

    Introduction of Insulfrax low bio-persistent fiber with enhanced solubility.

  • 1989LYDALL

    Lydall is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol LDL.

  • 1986LYDALL

    Lydall Manning is formed, welcoming our Green Island, New York plant to the family.

  • 1977LYDALL

    Lydall joins with Scott Paper Company and Chatham Manufacturing, the start of Lydall’s North Carolina plant.

  • 1969LYDALL

    The Colonial Board Company merges with the Superior Steel Ball Company to form Lydall, Inc.

  • 1963LYDALL

    The Colonial Board Company becomes publicly traded.

  • 1942UNIFRAX

    Charlie McMullen invents ceramic fiber and trademarks Fiberfrax.

  • 1913LYDALL

    The Colonial Board Company is established.

  • 1899LYDALL

    The Lydall and Foulds Paper Company is established.

  • 1891Unifrax

    The Carborundum Company is founded.

  • 1869LYDALL

    The Lydall and Foulds families start manufacturing knitting needles and wire specialties.

Always moving
towards the future.