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Immensely powerful battery technology.

The Alkegen Battery Group will bring innovation and capability to your industry.

Protect my pack from thermal, venting, and electrical events.

In-Pack Solutions

Enhance my cell performance with active materials and separators.

In-Cell Solutions

Alkegen Battery Group

Cutting-edge battery solutions to power a wide range of applications.

Alkegen battery innovation includes developing advanced materials for thermal barriers and electrical protection, battery separator technology, and revolutionary silicon fiber anode material that enables greater energy density, faster charges, and longer battery life.

In-pack solutions.

Improving battery performance and safety.

Alkegen battery in-pack solutions enable automotive and original equipment manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and design engineers to improve both performance and safety of batteries by offering a range of high-temperature, thin, and lightweight products to reduce thermal runaway propagation and provide mechanical, electrical, and thermal protection in the battery pack so you can do more with less.

A breakdown of the internals of a battery pack.

Battery Energy Storage Trailer.

FyreWrap LiB

Papers, Felts, Films, and Coatings

Thin, lightweight engineered solutions for high-temperature thermal, electrical, fire, and mechanical protection.

Learn more about Papers, Boards, Blankets and Felts, Films, and G2 Coating

Three people looking at a car undercarriage frame with battery cells. One person is pointing at the battery, another person is looking at an image in her iPad, and a third person is looking at a blueprint.

FyreWrap LiB

Cell Spacers

Thermal and electrical barriers with tunable compression characteristics.

Fyrewrap Nonwoven Felts seen in a car undercarriage. Image is an animation.

FyreWrap LiB

Nonwoven Felts

A flexible insulation system that enables cell venting and heat transfer management.

Learn more about Nonwovens.

Two images, one of a close up of a filler station and the other of a refill area of a white car with a fuel nozzle attached.


Aerogel Technologies

A thin, low-thermal conductivity aerogel with improved handleability and minimal dust.

Learn more about AlkeGel.

In-cell solutions.

Transformational technology to improve cell performance and safety.

Alkegen’s innovative in-cell solutions enable higher energy density of battery cells, allow for faster charging and higher power output, support design flexibility for specific applications, and eliminate supply chain concerns with proven industrial-scale processes.

A battery unwrapped with the following labels: Advanced silicon anode technology and Thermally stable fiber-based seperator

A close up of a hands holding a cell phone at night.


Advanced Silicon Anode Active Material

A scalable engineered silicon fiber anode material with a unique nanoporous structure that accommodates swelling of silicon, offers high capacity, enables greater density and power output, and works well with cell manufacturers’ existing mixing equipment.

Learn more about SiFAB.

A close up of seperated batteries


Thermally Stable Battery Separator

A fiber-based separator for lithium-ion batteries that offers greater thermal stability and promotes rapid ion exchange.


Alkegen’s innovative materials and technologies enhance safety and improve battery performance across a variety of industries, including e-Mobility, aerospace, energy storage systems, and consumer and portable electronics.

Technical capabilities.

The Alkegen Battery Group has deep technical expertise that will transform your industry.


Proprietary know-how in materials science and process engineering enabling breakthrough solutions at an industrial scale.


Global design teams employ 3D modeling software to collaborate with customers so that form, fit, and function are optimized.


Thermal, mechanical, environmental, compression, and electrochemical testing are used for part validation and new product development.


Engineering teams prototype products once designed to validate functionality.

Serial production

Alkegen’s global footprint of IATF-certified sites and engineering teams support scale up through regional production locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Why the Alkegen Battery Group?

Working with the Alkegen Battery Group means you’ll collaborate with our global team of engineers and designers to bring custom solutions tailored to your unique application needs. With access to a full suite of technical capabilities, including more than 140 separate thermal, electrical, acoustical, analytical, and mechanical test methods that support rapid solution development, our team is dedicated to building products that meet your budget and optimize performance.