A fire resistance rated solution for clothes dryer vents

Product Information Sheet

Two rolls of Fyrewrap

Alkegen FyreWrap® DPS is an innovative dryer protection system that provides a safe and cost effective solution to comply with building code requirements for one hour fire resistance rated enclosure.

Temperature Grade
2300°F / 1260°C
LBP (low bio-persistent)
Calcium magnesium silicate


FyreWrap® DPS for Fire Protection

NFPA/FEMA statistics indicate clothes dryer fires cause significant damage in residential/multi-family buildings. Within multi-family and other wood-constructed properties, dryer exhaust ducts run within the walls, ceilings/floors to remove dryer exhaust from the appliance to the exterior of the building.

Over time,  lint build up in the dryer vent  restricts airflow. The hot air that dries a load of laundry can ignite the lint that accumulates in these long runs of duct potentially causing catastrophic fire resulting in severe property damage, personal injury, and loss of life.


Flexible Duct Wrap Designed to Fit Tight Spaces

Meeting strict code requirements for clothes dryer exhaust ducts in multi-family residences has been difficult to achieve – until now. FyreWrap DPS, the ½-inch, flexible wrap enclosure system meets the intent of the North American model building codes. FyreWrap DPS is engineered to fit into the tight spaces around the dryer exhaust.


One Hour Fire-Resistance

FyreWrap DPS is an innovative product that provides an easy and cost effective solution to achieve a one hour fire resistance rating for the dryer exhaust duct. This satisfies the requirement for dryer exhaust ducts penetrating a wall or ceiling membrane in accordance with the North American model building codes.  This includes dryer exhaust ducts located in one hour fire resistance rated floor/ceiling assemblies

The lightweight core of FyreWrap® DPS utilizes a ½-inch, high-temperature insulation blanket specifically designed, UL/ULC tested and listed to provide a single layer, one-hour rated flexible enclosure around dryer exhaust ducts.



  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Clothes dryer exhaust ducts
  • Residential kitchen exhaust ducts



Flexible Product Form

  • Lightweight
  • Wraps easily around ducts
  • Easy to cut and fabricate

Thin, Single-Layer Design

  • Scrim encapsulated
  • Code compliant
  • High-temperature, low biopersistance fiber



1-hour fire resistance-rated


Easy and cost effective




Thin + Flexible


Easy to cut


Fits tight spaces

Learn more about Alkegen FyreWrap® DPS and be fire code compliant where dryer ducts and kitchen exhausts are required.


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